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The head of the Miami VA hospital is removed as a result, the Miami Herald reports.2011 -- Nine Ohio veterans test positive for hepatitis after routine dental work at a VA clinic in Dayton, Ohio.A dentist at the VA medical center there acknowledged not washing his hands or even changing gloves between patients for 18 years.2011 -- An outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease begins at the VA hospital in Oakland, Pennsylvania, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.May 15 -- Shinseki testifies before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee."Any allegation, any adverse incident like this makes me mad as hell," he says.

1972 -- Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic, the subject of the book and movie, "Born on the Fouth of July," interrupts Richard Nixon's GOP presidential nomination acceptance speech, saying, according to his biography, "I'm a Vietnam veteran.Thirty-seven tested positive for two forms of hepatitis and six tested positive for HIV.VA Director Eric Shinseki initiates disciplinary actions and requires hospital directors to provide written verification of compliance with VA operating procedures.The investigation followed years of problems at the hospital, including ethical violations by hospital researchers that included failing to get consent from some patients before conducting research involving them, according to the Los Angeles Times.2001 -- Despite a 1995 goal to reduce waiting times for primary care and specialty appointments to less than 30 days, the GAO finds that veterans still often wait more than two months for appointments.2003 -- A commission appointed by President George W.Bush reports that as of January 2003, some 236,000 veterans had been waiting six months or more for initial or follow-up visits, "a clear indication," the commission said, "of lack of sufficient capacity or, at a minimum, a lack of adequate resources to provide the required care."2005 -- An anonymous tip leads to revelations of "significant problems with the quality of care" for surgical patients at the VA's Salisbury, North Carolina, hospital, according to congressional testimony.