Telerik radajaxpanel not updating

The following example demonstrates how to benefit by using both of the controls together.

Inside a Rad Xml Http Panel we place a Rad Grid control, and the Rad Xml Http Panel itself is placed inside a Rad Ajax Panel. Page Public Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

The reason your ajax Request call does nothing is because the Rad Ajax Panel the user control is contained in is the one who handles the ajax requests, not the Rad Ajax Manager, thus the reason they shouldn't be combined in the same page. If I change the Rad Ajax Panels to asp: Panels and use the Rad Ajax Manager Proxy to update those Panels, all the controls in these panels have terribly incorrect heights, e.g.

Lastly, another reason why your Rad Ajax Manager's ajax Request method does nothing is because you didn't setup the Rad Ajax Manager in the Ajax Settings to update the user controls, so it will not do anything on the page, even though it raises the Ajax Request event in the code-behind. my Radgrid is so short that I cannot see anything below its header, which makes it unusable. I have determined that the cause of this is the fact that I've added the Panels to the settings in the Rad Ajax Manager Proxy (when I remove each Ajaxsetting, the associated panel returns to its normal size). Perhaps a bug with using Ajax-enabled Panels inside of a Rad Splitter's Rad Panes?

Hi, I am using Rad Tree View and Rad Ajax Panel in sharepoint 2007. I am also adding some controls like image,literal contols on Rad Tree Node.

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I think if you set the Update Panel Height property of the Updated Control that it would solve that issue.

I could also suggest you to set Enable Page Head Update="false" as "true" is the default value which may cause the problem.

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Also,the client side documentation for Rad Ajax Panel here makes no mention of Ajax Request.

Fiddling around with ajax Request With Target (targetting my usercontrols) causes a full page postback and doesnt even call my manager_Ajax Request(...) subroutines.