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Setting the DC power value isn’t documented, so I am going to skip that.

Still, to do so you’d simply replace ‘-setacvalueindex’ with ‘-setdcvalueindex’.

In such an event, those issues would be seen regardless of these tweaks by simply placing a sustained high load on the CPU. Getting to business, you can change these settings yourself via Window’s

BTW, to deal with this issue, Intel changed Skylake to manage it’s own CPU core parking. The core parking settings in Windows are implemented as parameters of power plans (aka power profiles).

That means you can, for example, disable core parking for the High Performance power plan, but leave it enabled for other plans.

In fact, this is usually the default setting when it is enabled.

For example, to enable maximum use of CPU Parking for the power profile you are When I first wrote this I included allowing specification of AC or DC (battery) values for the power scheme.