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Had something happened or why do you take sure a great interest in this area? Buss]: Well, I guess it started when I was an undergraduate at university and I wrote a paper as an undergraduate for small undergraduate seminar called Dominant/Access to Women where I reviewed some of the criminological data on status and mating and some of the human data, read some ethnographies of traditional societies.

Somehow, the topic just gripped me as an undergraduate.

2) When women are interested in sex or not / when they're interested in you or not.I wasn't getting good answers in my graduate classes that or my undergraduate classes for that matter and it kind of lead me to evolutionary theory and what I wanted to is to integrate evolutionary theory with psychology and in my case with the special focus on human mating strategies because, that's what interests me.I noticed that a lot of social activities seemed to revolve around mating. Mating seemed to permeate everything including, conversations I was having with my friends, conversations everyone else was having, movies, TV, literature, plays, everything. Fortunately integrating an evolutionary perspective, really shed a lot of light on our sexual psychology and our mating psychology.So, whatever qualities are desired by one sex in the other sex, that creates selection pressure because, those possessive the desired qualities get chosen.Those who lack the desired qualities get ignored, banished or left out of the mating scene.