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The saya has flat black finish with demon-head bindings for the black Japanese cotton sageo and an intricate kojiri.A sword no practitioner of Ninjutsu should be without.Differential tempering results in a clear hamon on each edge.The tang is long to absorb the shock of a blow and the one-piece staff construction reinforces the durability of the spear.This sword replicates the Gunto of a high-ranking Japanese army officer of the Pre-WWII and WWII era.These swords were made from 1933 onwards by a group of highly-skilled swordsmiths at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo and are known collectively as the Yasukuni swords.The Tetsubo or Kanabo is a Japanese war club used by the strongest samurai. Our hand made octagon Tetsubo is made of laminated oak slabs embedded with steel rivets. These tetsubo are custom made to your specifications.This is the Kanabo shown on Spike TV Deadliest Warriors.

Hanwei is producing these very accurate replicas for collectors unable to afford or obtain originals.

After seeing the slow motion video, we have worked to improve the mounting of the steel rivets.

After testing several methods (and losing allot of rivets), our latest test showed rivet retention going from 0% to 100%.

This yari is modeled after the su-yari or "straight-spear" design.

The shaft (ebu) is finished in a deep black lacquer and have a flattened side at the bottom section for blade orientation.