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He also broke his arms while he was doing a scene for a film named The Doors in the year 1991. This occurred because the stuntman failed to catch him while he was falling during the presence of his performance. ) Just as the Vikings passed into the next realm, the 57-year-old has been on his own existential journey from fame to not-fame and reflecting on his self-worth through “contemporary gestural abstractions” and pop art, like a gold-painted 1980s Macintosh and Andy Warhol-style portraits of Jim Morrison.“I’ve been in a transition and focusing in on this moment of moving through a period of my life as the concept of a black hole — one’s third act or, for an actor, from lead to character parts,” Kilmer’s statement continued.This two people met for the very first time in the movie named Willow where they worked together. Because of the massive bleeding within the throat of Kilmer he was hospitalized for a long time in January 2015.It was also stated by the doctor that he was suffering from throat tumor.“It’s this moment of identifying the passageway, that black hole moment, and the promise or recognition that it’s not black at all.” It's a little dramatic, but there’s something beautiful about finding life after a major loss like the death of one’s previous identity.Kilmer also takes on heavy questions about god and spirituality, suggesting that there can be many gods known by a single name.

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In a post on Facebook Saturday, Kilmer wrote that the "emergency that lead me to dial 911 is well over" and that he was in a "safe healing environment." "The doctors and nurses I met were wonderful and very respectful of my spiritual priorities and I can't thank you all enough for your professionalism and genuine care," said Kilmer, who is a devout Christian Scientist.

Additionally he was restricted for the better treatment because of his religion but still Kilmer ignores this restriction.

There is no available massage about the aspect of his religion issues.

The "Doors" star has kept specifics of his condition under wraps over the past several weeks, amid rumors — and comments from his own rep — that he was undergoing tests for a possible throat tumor.

He again appeared to be purposely covering the area in the selfie snapped over the weekend.