Online dating scams dangers

For the seldom available narcissist: You’re so Vain For the guy who can’t stop talking about money Bills, bills, bills For the liar (profile, photo, etc.): All Men are Liars For the handsome one you know is trouble: Cowboy Casanova Four songs for all the single ladies: Single Single Ladies Men in this Town Independent Women What songs are in your playbook? Choosing the Online Venue Creating a Profile Messaging Other People Meeting in Person Community Q&A Interacting and engaging with people online has quickly become a regular occurrence.Pay Pal and e Bay are two of the most common targets for phishing scams.Before adding any personal information, contact the supposed site directly to see if they have been trying to contact you.

It was a song of the times – post Woodstock, still hippie, still sometimes high, organic, long hair, vegetarian, young and relatively free.

It only took a few notes for me to flashback to my first out-of-the-divorce-box relationship.

I would guess that most of you have collected a playbook of songs that are associated with a particular romance in your life.

This classic song endures but, as you know, the marriage did not.

Now, for something sarcastic and fun, here are some songs for a few of the one-date wonders in my life over the past few years.