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Throughout Disturbed’s career, he’s never been afraid to shy away from confrontation or controversy, whether that’s tackling critics of his ban, addressing hot-button topics such as the Israel/Palestine conflict or even calling out his own fans.

You’ve got a whole bunch of underage kids and it’s okay for these Rabbis to break the law and get these kids drunk.

So we’re all drunk and the principal of the school, in a fit of rage or for whatever reason, fuelled by his inebriation, close-fist punched me in the face while we were all dancing and singing and having a good time.

I went to five different ones, but was expelled from three.

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My father was away at the time, serving a prison term, and he and my mother felt it would be easier for me to be in a scenario where no one else had their parents with them either. I once got expelled forom one for merely pulling a fire alarm.” “Oh it was my outlet. As a child I had trained as a Cantor, who leads the Jewish congregation in prayer, so I’d had quite a bit of vocal training. I first got involved in music when I was at a school in LA, a punk rock band doing covers of Ramones and Sex Pistols and a couple of originals. I had an affair with my female maths tutor at my last boarding school, which probably wasn’t the best thing in the world to do. They weren’t happy when I quit my job as a Health Care Administrator to go front a rock band. But I was successful at University, and I also had a band on the go. And I was accepted into seven law schools but couldn’t go through with it.” “My love for existentialism and hedonism is long running my friend, ha ha ha! Who am I to deny what six million people died to preserve.Basically we were not allowed to watch television, go to the movies, we were not allowed to read a newspaper.We could not look at a magazine like GQ even, in case there were pictures of girls dressed in lingerie we might get excited.There’s these characters in the Purim story, one called Haman, the evil character, and the good character is named Mordechai.The tradition is that you’re supposed to drink and get drunk so you can’t tell the difference between Haman and Mordechai.